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Extensions today are revolutionizing the hair fashion scene. Celebrities are going for that quick wow that they get with a noticeable change of look. With hair extensions you can achieve subtle to extreme changes in style. They introduce a variety of styling options without irreversible changes to your natural hair. You can opt for changes in colour by hilighting without the use of bleach or chemicals to length and thickness, choose styles that are straight, curly or wavy. 

The basic concept behind fusion bonding is to fuse the extension with the keratin protein of the natural hair, strand by strand. In this process the cuticle hair strand is attached to the hair root using keratin bonding glue with the help of heated adhesive sticks which are create specially for this purpose.

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Home Care for Your Human Hair Extensions

Here's how to keep your human hair extensions in GREAT condition! With the proper aftercare routine, they will look beautiful until they are removed.
1. Do not shampoo for 2 days after applying extension.
2. when going to bed, it is recommended that the hair be pulled back with a soft hair tie to keep the hair from getting tangles.
3. Brush or comb the hair with a paddle brush or a specified extension brush
4. Use gentle strokes to prevent damage to the bonds. Never pull on the bond
5. Do not use SILICONE base products
6. do not use product on hair that contains sulfur, such as dandruff shampoos.
7. Use only PH balance shampoo and conditioners
8. when shampooing and drying use gentle strokes, Do not use a scrubbing motion. Make sure to completly dry the hair and the bonds.
9. do not use oil base or silicone base styling products on hair as these may weaken the bond
10. Make sure to keep maintence appointments to check extensions and replace any extensions if necessary